JRM Photos: Niigata Kotsu - MoHa 11

MoHa 11 detailed for the Niigata Kotsu layout

post-832-0-67043200-1487265402 post-832-0-78747200-1487265287 post-832-0-05626100-1487265378
49 post-832-0-99021800-1487265430 post-832-0-26282500-1486247246
post-832-0-10000400-1486247251 post-832-0-07861900-1486247255 post-832-0-55976100-1486247259
post-832-0-66250400-1486247268 post-832-0-20474200-1486247278 post-832-0-91503000-1486247275

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