Photos - JRM Layouts

JRM Layout 3.0
2018 Sakura Matsuri        
JRM debuted the new 3.0 layout at the festival        

JRM Layout 2.0
Our new thin modules for the JRM sectional modules   The JRM crew hard at work on the new sectional layout!   The B&O RR Museum was our first show with the new layout as a work-in-progress.
2010 Sakura Matsuri   2011 Sakura Matsuri   2012 Sakura Matsuri
The 2010 Sakrua Matsuri was a great success with 160,000 visitors to the festival!   The 2010 Sakrua Matsuri was a great success again!   Japanes Ambassador IchirĊ Fujisaki viewed the JRM layout for the first time at the festival.

JRM Layout 1.0
Shots of our Layout at various shows showing its overall evolution.   Our early planning stages in 2004 for the freeform, set-up-on-the-fly layout.   Pictures of some of our trains in action on the layout.
Our city area with taller buildings has migrated from the center of the layout to one end.   Old town in the center of the layout features the Tomytec Town Collection buildings.   Our industrial area in the center of the layout.
The shinkansen yard consists of 11 tracks, three of which can hold 16 car shinkansens.   The Container yard has room for two container trains and a large container storage area.   The Viaduct station is 9' long and can hold four 16 car shinkansens!
The temple on the hill has slowly grown, now sporting a surrounding grove of cherry trees.   Our fast food row has slowly evolved from McDs, Dennys, and burger joints to a more japanese set of food establishments.   Some of the scenery details on the layout over the years.
The original JRM layout plan has undergone several changes over the years, here are the main parts.   The JRM layout is set up on the fly so we have a lot of parts and processes to get the layout set up.   A fun gif animation of our set up a the Timonium show. It should give you an idea of how we do it! (1.5MB Gif Animation)
Some miscellaneous fun stuff from our shows.


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