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Here is some insight into how our club members, other clubs and individuals go about modeling of Japanese railroads with their layouts. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to submit an article to this section. We hope this helps stimulate your imagination!
Yūkari Station ユーカリ駅
Marc Damhaut presents his layout Yukara Station that is loaded with LED lighting. OLED video displays, and automation!

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!
Bryan Cary presents more of his layouts done since his first JRM article a decade ago!

Yūrakuchō - Modelling Central Tokyo
Joseph Bays' intricately handcrafted layout from scratch!

Japanese Dreams
Paul Meredith's Japanese and other layouts buildt in the last few years

Chihiro Tetsudo Mini Layout
A small Japanese layout.

The Yamakaigan Layout
A 5mx5m Japanese layout in New Zealand

Wakasa - a small Japanese N scale rural layout
Graeme Goodsell has created a wonderful rural Japanese layout for his apartment.

Niigata Kotsu
Martin has created an amzingly detailed micro layout with many scratch built buildings and details. A true tour de force in modeling!

Another Micro Layout in a Box
Richard Bell creates another micro layout in a box!

East Penn Traction Club N Scale Group Basement Layout
Members or the East Penn Traction Club N Scale Group created a temporary layout to play with in a member's basement.

Houston Denshaku @ Houston Japan Festival 2014
April 12th and 13th marked the first public exhibition of Houston Denshaku, at the Houston Japan Festival in Hermann Park.

Kanjiyama - An N gauge Japanese Terminus Layout

by Nick Harling created a wonderful Japanese terminus layout from 2 display modules.

Printing Yourself A Japanese Z Gauge Layout
Ian Lawrence has done some fabulous Japanese Z scale modeling featuring a lot of printed and scratch built structures and details

Tennoji: A "N-scale" Japanese interurban layout build in Belgium
Eric & Claude Binamé have created a wonderful exhibition layout depicting several scenes from Japan.

Shinzo Mizu - A Japanese Z scale Snow Scene
Norman Raven has created a wonderful Japanese Z scale show layout with a winter theme!

An N Scale Interurban Layout in a Vodka Box
Dick Bell has created a wonderful mini layout that packs away into a wooden vodka box.

An N Scale Point-To-Point Tram Layout
Richard Bell has created a very light weight, modular point to point tram layout.

The Shintahara Story - The Genesis of a Prototype
Dan MacKellar talks about his T scale layout and modular projects.

A Japanese Layout Using Bandai Shorty Trains
Part 1 - A Chance Meeting with Bandai B-Train Shorty

Nick Yee introduces the Bandai B-Train Shorty series and how to get these compressed train cars running.

A Japanese Layout Using Bandai Shorty Trains
Part 2 - My B-Train Shorty Layout

Nick Yee talks about how he created a layout that takes advantage of the compact Bandai B-Train Shorty trains.

An Easy to Build, Small, N Scale Tram or Light Rail Layout
Richard Bell has made a robust mini tram layout in a space of 28" x 18" using the tomix mini curve track. He has packed a lot scenery into a very small space along with wire catenary.

A Movable Feast - My Temporary Layout
Barrie Lovell has created a wonderful tempoary layout system with small scenery plates to allow rapid setups of different layouts at his whims!

Confessions of a Mediocre Model Railroader
Ulrich Abramowski shows how he has created a mini-module layout that fits the bill for his limited space, budget, and tools.

Japanese Model Trains And Trams Are Lots Of Fun!
Bryan Carey describes several layouts he created with Kato Unitrak and Tomix Finetrack.

Fredric Waldorf's New Layout - Experience Japanese Hot Springs
Fredric Waldorf creates a second layout based on a Japanese Onsen resort town.

Keitown Part 1
A Japanese N gauge Tram layout based in the UK

Mike Sharpe shows off his small tram layout.

My First N Scale Japanese Tram Layout
Guido Mandorf shows off his first N Scale Tram layout and some of his other Japanese HO scale tram diorama and European Tram layout

Sumida Crossing - A Slice of Tokyo
Ken Shore's Tokyo themed japanese layout.

Nippon Model Railroad Society
A Japanese layout in Denmark to show something new at Danish model train exhibits!

Yamanouchi Oshika - A British Layout Goes Japanese
A UK club changes one of its layouts from British to Japanese!

N-Trak Modules of Japan
Northern Virginia N-TRAK member Cotton Bowen has created two wonderful Japanese scened N-TRAK modules.

Fredric Waldorf's Yokoso Japan! Layout
Former JRM member shows off his second Japanese layout.

The Australian Japanese Model Railway Group
The AJMRG is a club in the Melbourne Australia area that has an extensive Kato Unitrak modular display layout.

Curt LeVan's New Home Layout Begins to Appear!
JRM member Curt LeVan is building a new home japanese layout in his home.

Curt LeVan's Layout Part 2
The layout is becoming reality with scenery and wiring nearing completion!

Curt LeVan's Layout Part 3
The layout is now installed and Curt is having too much fun!

First Look at Kato's New UniTram Track
JRM member Curt LeVan gives a quick peek at his new UniTram loop and Portram.

The JProject
by Stephen Moore
Here is a group in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area working on a grand Japanese rail modeling project based on Tokyo.

More coming soon!


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