Autumn at the Temple

My second ttrak module needed to have a transition down from the raised ground of my first module. I also wanted to use a recently purchased Tomytec temple, so I decided to model a small slope and then some flat ground for the temple. Finally, to add further interest I thought would try to add a mountain backdrop.

I began by mocking-up the module using a sheet of paper, a few pieces of painted foam insulation, and some random trees I had laying around. This helped develop shapes for the hill and backdrop, but my initial reaction was that the green color was not sufficiently interesting. I replaced the paper with form core on the second attempt, and tried autumn colors - which I decided that I liked much better.

The Tomytec temple went together easily with the only problem being that the front steps were not quite level. Tomytec also makes figures of people at a temple, which were fun to add as well.

By now I had discovered than much of the fun of building a ttrak module was photographing it from various sides and angles. However, using my desk as a platform led to much unwanted clutter in the background. To overcome this I built a simple ttrak "photo studio" with a sky background. This allows me to surround the module with extra trees, hills or buildings to provide added depth to a scene. The background hill was cut from a paper grocery bag and clump foliage was then attached.

Best of all, you can now turn the module completely around and take photos from the other side.

So my second ttrak module is nearly complete and I've found that my "photo studio" is useful for photographing other small projects. Recently I've diverted my attention from ttrak to preparing buildings in anticipation of delivery of a Kato Unitram system. There's always something to do in the world of N Scale Japanese railroads.

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