JRM Photos: Yamanouchi Oshika - A British Layout Goes Japanese

A UK club changes one of its layouts from British to Japanese!

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01-Stationandtown 02-IMG_1332 03-TheartofTonyG
04-Yardandincline 05-ChuoLiner&SuperAzusa 06-IMG_1334
07-IMG_1357 08-IMG_1591 09-IMG_1607
10-IMG_1617 11-IMG_1633 12-IMG_1668
13-IMG_1664 14-IMG_1673 15-Town 2
16-IMG_1721 17-IMG_1733 18-YamanouchiOshikabefore2
19-Yamanouchi Oshika 1 20-Yamanouchi Oshika Estate 2 21-Yamanouchi Oshika-Coke1153
22-IMG_3142 23-IMG_3738 24-IMG_3747
25-Estate IMG_1317 IMG_1335
IMG_1336 IMG_1341 IMG_1345
IMG_1352 IMG_1354 IMG_1389
IMG_1430 IMG_1593 IMG_1594

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