JRM Photos: Sakura Matsuri 2012

This was JRM's fourth year displaying at the Washington DC National Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Matsuri. The weather was wonderful and the festival one of the best atteneded ever. Japanese Ambassador IchirČÁ Fujisaki viewed the JRM layout for the first time at the event. JRM's tent was sandwiched between JR Central and JR East so we were in very good company. Even Ambassador Fujisake stopped by to see the layout!

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IMG_2751 7079051553_83e98ceffa_o 6932978642_5c80ba8b61_o
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IMG_2752 IMG_2755 IMG_2756
IMG_2758 6932984092_c1a73c3122_o IMG_2764
IMG_2773 IMG_2774 6932984776_134915cb56_o

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