JRM Photos: 2012 Boy Scout Show

In March of 2012, Boy Scout Troop 964 of Fairfax VA held their annual train show. This year they dedicated it to JAS Troop 2 in Miyagi prefecture that was heavily effected by the Tsunami and Earthquakes. The event raised $3,000 for Troop 2 in Japan. JRM displayed its standard street car T-Trak modules as well as Philip Cook's alternate private ROW T-Trak modules. Japanese Ambassador to the US, IchirČÁ Fujisaki, attended the show and viewed the JRM T-Trak set up for the first time.

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6828293888_109acb5cd1_o 6828265282_16eccff4c9_o 2012 Train Show234
2012 Train Show235 2012 Train Show236 2012 Train Show237
2012 Train Show240 6828356660_c81b77ea1e_o 6828326140_a36dbd459c_o
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6974433791_e1da945348_o 2012 Train Show139 6828365924_9402681890_o
2012 Train Show140 2012 Train Show147 2012 Train Show156

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