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Great Scale Model Train Show - April 29&30

JRM will be displaying our ttrak layout at the April GSMT show Saturday April 29 9a-5p and Sunday April 30th 10a-4p. Please come by and say hello!

2023 Ekoji Obon Festival

The 2023 Obon Festival at the Ekoji Buddhist temple in Fairfax VA will be July 8th from 5:30-9pm. JRM will be displaying its Ttrak layout at the festival and maybe a maglev surprise! This is a very fun event with Bon Odori dancing, Taiko drum and martial arts demonstrations, Japanese product vendors, and great Japanese food! The event is free and the food is excellent and very reasonably priced, but get in line early as the crowds can make for long lines later in the day. Great event with a lot of children. Come and enjoy the event and bring along a tram to run


JRM Layout Show History
You can see a complete history of the shows the JRM layout has been displayed at here.

A Ride on 'Santetsu'
Matthew Davis takes a ride on Santetsu one year after the devastating tsunami.

"SANTETSU" Will Not Give Up!
A railway heavily damaged in the Earthquake and Tsunami vow to rebuild.

A Message From The Executive Director of JRM's Sister Club IRC in Iwate, Japan
Mr. Kodama, the executive director of IRC gives an update on the disaster relief going on in the area and expresses his resiliency of the Japanese people and their spirit to persevere through these disasters.

Message From the President
Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster - Update

Ten days after the earthquake and tsunamis struck Japan, the situation is grim but improving. Railroads have been opened to Morioka (in the heart of Iwate) from the west and north, making it much easier to get supplies into the stricken area. Lines of communication and supplies are beginning to reach isolated evacuation centers and groups of survivors. Acute shortages of food, gasoline, and kerosene have been alleviated in many areas. Along with the bad news, we are seeing some reports of good news -- families reunited, survivors miraculously found inside collapsed buildings nine days after the tsunamis, hospital patients safely moved to hospitals outside the disaster area.

Railroads Damaged by Earthquake and Tsunami
On the Pacific shores of Iwate, the JR Ofunato Line and Sanriku Railway Company lines suffered heavy damage in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

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