Fredric Waldorf's Home Layout - Yokoso Japan!
by Fredric Waldorf

A 700 pulls into the station on Fred's 4' x 6' Yokoso Japan layout.

My fascination with HO train started in my childhood. At the age of 8 I built a mountain on a HO train table (4' x 8') with my cousin and played with the trains for more than five years. When my parents moved to a new house the trains were packed and I eventually gave them to my two sons. Yet, my interest in trains never left me or rather put on a back burner.

One day in 2004 I decided to visit a train show at the Dulles Convention in Virginia. Unfortunately, this train exhibition was boring. When I visited the Japanese Railroads of Washington, DC show it brought my interest forth from the back burner due to unique designs, colors, and materials used in Japanese trains. I introduced myself to Jeff Reynolds who lighted the candle of the rebirth of my interest in the train hobby.

Since 2004 it seems that I have taken an architect role building a train table which I did (4' X 10') with Jeff's assistance in my dining room. Japanese Nine different Japanese trains ran effectively simultaneously. Some time later I changed my mind regarding the size of the train table. The original table size was reduced to 4' x 6' size. I thought the number of trains would be reduced, but to my surprise and delight nine trains still could run on a reduced table. The combination of the traditional buildings, a shrine and a modern designed city were implanted to show an authentic Japanese culture.

I have changed layouts several times in order to enable trains to run effectively. For an example everyday you change your clothes in order to meet your satisfaction and pleasure. Please do not be afraid to create a new layout by experimenting until you become fully satisfied and happy. I recommend that you be self-teaching by observing some different train shows so you can make good indigents. Therefore you will feel like a CEO of the Train Company.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Jeff for his compassion, patience, and passion for bringing me back to my childhood love for trains. His influence and motivation brought back my childhood love for trains.

Fred's 4' x 6' layout with 9 train and tram lines!
Temple scene at one end of the layout Old town at the other end of the layout
Festival stalls outside the Temple Temple scene
High rise development in the center of the layout  




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